Convert a .csv (excel) to another .csv "text to column" by "," (comma)

can anyone help me understand how to operate the text to column on all files inside a folder, keeping the .csv formatting? (1,9 MB)

I explain better.
Every day I receive a zip file, with inside it a variable number of .csv files containing several lines of data.
This csv has a single column, and I have to apply the text to column by β€œ,” (comma) to separate the elements.
However, the output must remain .csv.
Can anyone help me please?

This can be solved by changing the default delimiter in the region settings (see post below).

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I don’t know if I can use it on our machines.
I have no programming experience.
I am approaching this world recently.
What I read, seems to go to touch the windows settings x convert the file?
Correct? this is to be avoided.
The virtual machines in the company manage other activities, and changing settings is a risk that I would not want to take.
Is there an alternative way?
On excel … I select column A, click on Text to Column, next, finish, save.

With this I get another csv file, but divided into columns.


I would like to do the same things, but to know if there is no way to use it with the mouse pointer, but a background instruction.

You can use directly on excel by using (Selecting column, Hotkey (alt+de)+then click on comma, then enter enter)or by using record Macro

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the idea is to avoid opening and closing files.
The BOT has to work many files, with many lines.
Excellent would be an execution that does not commit monitor and mouse.
I don’t know if there is a way to do it …