Convert CSV file to Excel file

I need to convert CSV file to excel file.

CSV file:

In this Example 6th column having Comma(,). So, the sentence split to next row. I need that also in the same row. I use Read CSV activity but it’s not working. In that I use All the delimiters.

I need Exact report of CSV but it’s in Excel.

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@UmaMaheshwari Hi can you share the dummy CSV File.

You can do it in the following way

  1. Open CSV file in the Excel
  2. Send Hot Key Ctrl+A to select all the cells
  3. Send Hot Key Ctrl+C to copy the all the cells
  4. Open new excel or create a new file and open, Send Hot Key Ctrl+V to paste
  5. Ctrl+S, to save the file.
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Thank you @KarthikByggari :smile:

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