Can't Sum a column

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I’m stack in this Excel file, i want to sum the “Column15”, i used : Cdbl, convert.todouble, it gives
62217013 instead of 622170,13
any help please
Excel File.xlsx (268.1 KB)

With using the corresponding loca we can control the decimal/group seperator character

i had tryed:
Double.Parse(" 1.400,66".Trim, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture(“en-EN”)).ToString

but it gives an error: string format is incorrect !!!

Yes, as EN is not specifiying comma as decimal seperator. Use the right culture e.g. as given in the link

As an alternate we can reformat with following activity:

we can do it also with a macro, as a last resort

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You can change the format of this column after you did the sum.
To do that you can watch this video: UiPath | Format Numbers In Excel Column with VB.NET | How to set Number formet to Excel Column - YouTube

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