Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI&CD) In Azure

Hi All ,
i’m trying to Implement CI&CD in Azure environment where git as version management tool, everything works as expected only difference is deployment of latest version of Robot package manually uploaded into Orchestrator with respect to region (QA,UAT,PROD) and Orchestrator itself maintains ancode versioning, but i’m interested to know is there a way i can map deployment of code in Orchestrator instead of uploading it
it would be great if get some tips or ideas to get started.
Thanks in Advance

hey hi chandru ,
u got a chance to work on this , used Orch. Api’s ? something u cna throw some light on this

#DevOps is a mindset, a way of working for an organization so that new features reach to the users as quickly as possible and smoothly too.

There have been discussions regarding how continuous integration and deployment concepts can be applied to the RPA development cycle.

I have tried and documented the steps to build the CI CD Pipeline for UiPath using the Azure DevOps as a blogpost.

Topics covered in this article -

:ballot_box_with_check: What is CI/CD in the context of RPA (Focus on UiPath)
:ballot_box_with_check: Key Concepts in Azure Pipelines
:ballot_box_with_check: Build the first pipeline to package UiPath project
:ballot_box_with_check: Different ways of UiPath CI/CD pipeline creation using Azure Extension or Pure Powershell
:ballot_box_with_check:Required configuration/ Configure the self-hosted agent
:ballot_box_with_check:Complete working example.

You can go through the first version of the article, I will be improving this in the next few weeks to include other stuff in pipeline as well.

You can read deatils here - Azure CI CD Pipelines for UiPath

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Hi, I have setup self hosted agent in Azure and my laptop is successfully connected. This agent is configured in Default agent pool in Azure.

When I run the pipeline, it gives below error,

Any idea, why this error occurs? Do you know how to fix it?


our orchestrator and bots are hosted in AWS environment. so am not sure azure pipe line implementation of CICD will help us