CI/CD in UiPath (not Azure DevOps)


What is the recommended way of implementing a CI/CD devops pipeline in UiPath when you’re not an Azure/Microsoft company?

For context, we’re more of an AWS company, but we’re hoping not to have to install and manage the VMs and Orchestrator on AWS. Rather, it’s likely that my company will be opting for cloud robots - VM.

Ideally our CI/CD would be highly integrated into the UiPath ecosystem and independent of other platforms. I’ve looked into Automation Ops, but I can’t tell if this is a full CI/CD platform that can move our bots from one environment to the other, with QA in between.

Alternatively, I’m seeing this post from 2020 recommending a Jenkins plugin. I suppose that could work but I’m wondering if for example the UiPath Cloud already offers a built-in devops system or integrations with platforms that are not Azure DevOps.

EDIT: I’m also seeing the use of GitHub Actions. This seems like the best choice so far.


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hello, maybe you can use this topic as further reference. You have there some powershell scripts that can be invoked from any CI tool

Hi @Sebastian_Balan, thanks for the link. Those scripts certainly would be an option, which I would run as part of Github Actions. However, I’m now leaning towards the Jenkins plugin since it seems like an official, fairly integrated option and I will probably have to manage it less.