If Error Skip to Next Row/to Step X

Hi, I have a “for each excel row” process, and I want to set a “Continue on error” process. I want to either
a) skip the error encountered immediately and proceed to the next row
b) skip to a process further down the line

I am currently using studioX but I am ok to use studio if required. Tried using try catch but I couldn’t find the correct exception to catch for the following:

Could not find the user-interface (UI) element for this action.

Hi @Glenn_Tan

I recommend using RE Framework


Hi @Glenn_Tan

User interface will mostly comes under the selector not found exception.


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Hey @Glenn_Tan

Try Catching the Selector not found exception in a catch block.

For each row
Try catch surrounded
Inside the body the activity which you are using.
catch selector not exception.
Skips row and iterate next.