Continue on error set as True on Attach browser

Hi, need some help with the continue on error property understanding. I am trying some activities inside the Attach Browser which has Continue On error set as TRUE. Still the workflow doesn’t complete as it encounters an exception for one of the activities. My doubt is - shouldn’t the activity with error be skipped as the scope has Continue On error property enabled?

Please note: The failed activity is inside Attach Browser scope.


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Interesting…It should be continuing further as you said

First let’s check whether we are running debug mode or normal mode

And there is one more possibility as this property
rule applies only to activities that are part of the Classic UIAutomation experience.

Disable modern experience and give a try
Steps for that is mentioned in this doc

Give a try and pls let know if you are still facing the issue

Cheers @Nibha_Raj


I think now got the question in right way

Usually each activity under Ui Automation package will have a special property called Continue on error

That includes attach window, attach browser, click, type into, etc

Where each activity when set with this property as TRUE it will not let that particular activity to throw exception if it did not work

  1. So here in this scenario, Attach browser first enabled as true with continue on error
    In that case only that activity won’t throw exception if it fails
    Not the activities inside it which means activities inside the attach browser can throw exception even though attach browser is set as true with continue on error

Unless the activities inside the attach browser are also enabled in same way as TRUE, they will throw exception

This is because attach browser is interacting with separate individuals element and click activity inside that attach browser is interacting with another individual element which are different from each other

  1. Click activity inside the attach browser didn’t fail in last screenshot as it is later enabled as TRUE with continue on error

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @Nibha_Raj

Hi @Palaniyappan

Due to security reasons, I had to delete the post that had screenshots.

But, I still do not understand why the activities inside attach browser fail when the ContinueOnError is set to TRUE for attach browser.
If I have read the other UI Path articles correctly, the errors are ignored for the activities inside Attach Browser container where the ContinueOnError property is set to TRUE and workflow continues.
If I have to enable the ContinueOnError property for each activity inside the container then what is the use of ContinueOnError property on Container. Shouldn’t it work otherwise?


I think it’s been misinterpreted

Here is the official doc on ATTACH BROWSER and it describes the property continue on error as.

And description is,

ContinueOnError - Specifies if the automation should continue even when the activity throws an error.

So it is no where mentioned that activity inside the attach browser will not fail if continue on error property of attach window activity is enabled as TRUE

Now coming to this point

I hope you understand that attach browser won’t work if we don’t select any browser page as a element

Which means it is a unique - separate activity that interacts with UI of a browser
Basically attach browser is a way to indicate the high level window where the other activities inside that attach browser will access the individual elements inside that browser

That’s why bot may fail if attach browser is not able to identify the entire browser page as a first step
To avoid that they had a continue on error option for the attach browser activity
Not to let other activities inside that to fail because activities inside attach browser are going to perform different actions with different properties

So whatever activity you include inside the attach browser will rely only on selector of attach browser but not on its property

UI based activities that you keep inside the attach browser has to be managed separately
Like if continue on error has to be enabled or disabled shall be decided individually and it’s not related to attach browser property

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @Nibha_Raj

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@Palaniyappan Thanks for the clarification.

Yes, I do understand that Attach browser would fail if browser is not provided and ContinueOnError property is NOT set as TRUE.

Now, I also understand that activities inside the container will act independently with its own property while just relying on the selectors of the container holding them.
I believe the articles I was referring were misleading.

Thank You!!

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Glad it got clarified and resolved @Nibha_Raj

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