Contingency Plan

Is there a contingency plan document template applied to automations?

I did a search here on the forum and on the internet in general and I couldn’t find a model applied to UiPath automations.


Hi there,

bit late with the answer, but for sake of anyone looking for it in the future, I try to answer since I already stumbled upon the question:

Contingency plan document aka Business Continuity Plan is something I understand as a step by step instruction what to do, in case the RPA operations go down. These instructions might already be available in time of the PDD creation, as the team might have it for the newcomers, so they know how to do the process. The resulting Contingency plan doc should be that + should be reflecting changes done during optimisation of the process, if any. The doc is in gestion of the customer team, while the RPA team’s duty is to ensure they have this doc in place.

To conclude and answer your question, IMHO it makes little sense to impose any form/specific topics on the customer documenting their own process as long as it works for them.

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