Documentation templates

Hi. It’s late but I’m still working. Could any of you share with me documentation of your templates such as:
Maybe you also have some documentation on how you do your robots.
I will be grateful.

here you have document templates such as PDD, DSD, SDD and the best practice guide.
I hope you will find it useful. (3.0 MB)

I also recommend that you will check the UiPath academy:

There is many for you useful courses :wink:


Thank you so much ! It is what I needed. UiPath Academy is for free or I have to pay to use it ?

The UiPath Academy is free.
If I understood correctly and you are just starting RPA implementation, I suggest courses such as:

  • RPA Starter
  • RPA Developer Foundation
  • RPA Business Analyst Foundation

Anyway, check it yourself and start learning :wink:

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Awesome. Thanks !

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You’re welcome.
Can you check the solution option on my post if you are satisfied with my help? :slight_smile:
Thanks and regards.

Yes. I will. Thank you.

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