"Contains" is not a member of "Datatable"

Hi, so I have a list of strings and two excel files

The first excel file, lets call update, has a column called “ID”
The other file, lets call complete, is empty

Now, I would like to iterate through the whole update file, find all the rows where the ID contains a string from the list, then move those rows to the complete file.

I found a forum where they used assign and filter datatable to filter out only the ones corresponding to the list, but there’s an error message.

How can I fix this, or is there any other way to achieve what I want?

we would recommend a different style of variable naming
From the vaildations we would check that Completed is of the right datatype (e.g. list, array, Enumerable)…

I changed the naming, and checked the variable type

Now the error is

CopyToDataTable check the typo

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Lmao I’m stupid, thanks

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