Check if string contains datatable column

Hi, i have a string of names

e.g. "jaslyn meranda; papi kiloso, anis; mervin landan (mer)"

Then i have a datatable which one of the columns is the names, I need to check if the rows belongs in the string of names. If it belongs, then filter into a new datatable, if not it’ll just skip. the names might be in different arrangement, in the datatable

e.g. papi kiloso anis (without the comma), or kiloso papi anis

So how do i filter them into a new datatable?

Hi @Username95

I had some doubt
How in the columns name are there

And also what u Mean by filter into new datatable
Do u mean writing that row into new datatable

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Hi. Umm.
The datatable will be from an excel where there are few columns, 1 of it is the “name” column. The string of names will be given from somewhere else.

Oh yes into another new datatable.

Can u share screenshot of name column for better understanding @Username95


Here. The names might be in different format, but as long as the string given contains the name, it should be copied to a new datatable with the other details in that row.

Hi, it the dt2 is empty, as the names dont match. “Anis, Papi Kiloso” is not in the string exactly, because in the string it is “Papi Kiloso, Anis”.

Also, if i have 100 rows, will this slow down the process?

Hi @Username95, got it



please check the attached workflow for more reference, (35.6 KB)

Mark it as solution if you got it

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Hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR , sorry i dont quite understand this part, can you explain please?

If there are more than 100 rows and 2-3 sheets in each excel, wil this slow down the process? Is it possible to do something with filter datatable instead?

Hi @Username95 the condition in implies that

name in excel is splitter and stored in array , it is actually through all element in array and checking whether the name string contains the element of the array of particular row

If it is yes

Then it write the data into row of datatable dt2

Sorry there is no use of assign variable row1= row,. I forget to delete it . Sorry u delete that part

Ur next question, I think using filter operation we May not get it

Let me check

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Hmmm I think i roughly got it… Let me try implementing into another program :slight_smile:

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