Consuming a Custom Nuget Pacakage in UiPath

Dear All,

I am using UiPath Studio Community edition and i create a Nuget Package using C# Class Library and Added that package in UiPath .
Below Attached is the simple image of my Class Functions.


Here below is the image of the nuget Package Manger of UiPath which shows that i had installed my Pacakge in UiPath.

Sorry guys i am unable to upload the second image becuase new users can only update one image on the post.

Also i had placed the nuget pacakge file in following folders:
C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Platform\Packages
and also in

I am facing the issue that how can i consume my nuget package and call a simple function because my library is not being shown in imports or anywhere.

Thanks in anticipation.
Looking forward for kind responses of you guys.

instead of first image past code as norml text and use image for second need. :slight_smile:

There is a lot of problem with your code :slight_smile:

First of all you have to derive your class from codeactivity and have to import namespaces.

Custom activities in the windows workflow foundation are nothing but the class that is derived from a class known as “CodeActivity”.

Once you create your own class and derive it from CodeActivity , you will need to override the execution method of the parent class. This method gives you the workflow execution context so that you can play around with input and output parameters.



I tried that too.

But i dont know how to consume it in UiPath. It would be great if you send me good tutorial.


check this link -

I already followed this tutorial. But in this tutorial it isn’t mentioned that how to consume my function. Like i know that after adding the package i will be able to execute the methods. But how and in which pallete i have to use the functions. And also do tell me that is it necessary to add a CodeActivity or NativeActivity while creating our class library? Isn’t it possible that a simple Class Library is created and nuget package imported to the UiPath and use all the functionality.