Connection To Apps Service Is Lost

How to handle when connection to Apps service is lost ?

Troubleshooting Procedure: Check if there are any WebSocket errors in the browser console when the connection to Apps service is lost.

Resolution: Use secure websocket to save data from the front end to backend.

  • If the issue is consistently reproducible, it is most likely the issue with user's network policy on websocket. The recommendation is to work with your IT or Network team to identify and resolve the WebSocket error problem.
  • If the issue is a rare occurrence, this is due to spotty internet connection and once the internet connection is back(stable), this will auto recover itself. All unsaved changes will be saved automatically when the connection is back.

Note: If one closes the browser when the "Connection is lost", all unsaved changes will be lost. It has to be ensured that the connection is back and the status updates to "All changes saved" for all changes to be saved in the backend.