Error With Robot Service. There are no available licenses on sever

I was receiving an warning of exceding available licenses. So trying to solve this issues I updated the values of licenses available on Allocated licenses to tenant panel. After that I experienced a problem of the Studio unable to connect to orchestator. Can please provide ideas of how to solve this issue. Here are more detail about the issue.

When launching the execution of a workflow:

Unable to start execution
	There are no available licenses on the server.

When starting Studio:

Communication error with robot service. Please check robot services status.
	Reason: There are no available licenses on server.


Studio 2021.4.4 - 8/7/2021
Community License


Welcome to our UiPath community.

Navigate to License page in Orchestrator in check whether any licences are there or not.

May I know what type of Robot license (Studio/Attended/Unattended/Non Production) you selected at the time of creating Robot in Orchestrator ?

On Orchestrator->Licenses I have the following:


Attended – Name User 2

Automation Developer – Named User 2

Robots & Services:

Unattended Robots 1

Testing Robots 1

Data Services Units 1

I does not show any on used since I reset licenses to 0 on Allocated licenses to tenant.


Because of that you are getting that error. Can you assign 1 or 2 licences to your tenant and then create Robot by using that license and then check it once.

On what panel I assign the licenses to the tenant on “Allocated licenses to tenant panel”. I assign one (1) license to each entry on the panel and tried againg and the problem continues.

How do I specify to robot to use the license?


Can you please share screenshot of Orchestrator license page. I need to check it once.

Here you will find some snapshoots the about the liceses. At the end is the page on which I changed the number of licenses.

Thanks for your support.




Not this one. Navigate to your Tenant and there you will find License page. Provide me screenshot of it.

Is this what tou are looking for.


Yes I was looking for this only. In the above screenshot, I can see you didn’t use any Robots.

  1. Go to Machines page in Orchestrator and provision that Robot machine.

  2. Secondly create Robot and Environment for that machine.

  3. And then deploy the process. Post that you can schedule the process from Trigger page or you can run directly run it from Jobs page by selecting deployed process.

Hi, thanks for the support provided so far.


I am not to familiar with Orchestrator. So I try to follow your steps as instructed, I attached images of what I did.

The first question and I consider an important one is from were I can obtain the machine name since the assistant is offline. I used what I found OLS-TP-T490S.

Thanks for you support, I appreciated.


Provisioning Robot Machine


I create a second account with another email I have. Issue is gone.

Thank for your support.


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