Connecting uipath to Google Bigquery

Hi Team,
How do i connect to Google Bigquery? Can i use the standard database activities that work for MySQL?


Connect UiPath to google bigquery

  1. Create a new service account in google console
  • grant service acccount access to
    a) big query data editor
    b. bigquery admin
  • export the account key as a JSON file
  1. download simba odbc driver (32bit)

  2. open odbc data source manager (32 bit)

  3. add new data source, referencing the service account email and json file path

  4. if it works you will able to select the catalog and dataset which will be automatically populated

now use UiPath db activity the same as any other DB
for connecting, use connection wizard (same as MySQL !!!) and connect to microsoft odbc driver
then search for the odbc source you created above…

for more information refer to this

@jack.chan i have already one data source created but how do i link it to UiPath DB Activities?
is there a screenshot of how you connect?


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e.g. if your datasource is called BQ-SVC, set connection string =

provider name =

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Hi @3175472466

Just complementing…

For Windows Project you need download the 64bit Installer and use odbc data source manager (64 bit)

Another point, if the bot will be run from multiple users in the same machine you will need repeat step 4 for each user or create a System DNS and change the Encrypt Sensitive Data from For Current User Only to For All Users


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