Connecting Studio to Orchestrator

I’m trying to find any posts about connecting UIStudio to Orchestrator. Most of the answers seems to be about connecting a Robot to Orchestrator. This is about how to Publish from UIStudio. The uipath.settings in c:\program Data has NUGetServerURL and UIPathServerURL but changing those makes no difference, the packages still only go to the default.

Is your robot connected to orchestrator? If yes then i believe it will always be published to the orchestrator.

‘NuGetServerURL’ under UiPath.Settings contains the path where your published packages is stored. You may wanna restart your studio after changing this setting.

Rammohan B.

Hi I’m not connecting my robot to Orchestrator, I’m connecting my UIStudio to Orchestrator. Actually are you telling me that I need to register my local robot on my laptop with orchestrator? If this is the case then it’s not possible to do that as my laptop IP is not static so I can’t tell Orchestrator my laptop name let alone my credentials to run locally.