How do you publish to Orchestrator Demo from Studio Community?

I have installed Studio Community and I’m able to create working robots. I have established a tenant on the Orchestrator demo server. When I Publish from studio, it says that the Publish worked, but there is no link to Orchestrator. The URL field in the publish pop-up is blank? I tried to look at the settings for Studio, but cannot find where this path can be set. Please help. I want to be able to publish to Orchestrator demo from Studio community … thanks …

I found published packages on my laptop and was able to pull them to Orchestrator, but still do not know how to get Studio connected to Orchestrator …

You have to configure it from UiPath Robot Settings which you can find under system tray.

If its not available navigate to ‘%Userprofile%\AppData\Local\UiPath’, check for ‘app-18.1.2’ folder and run UiRobot.exe.

Check this for more help.

Rammohan B.

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Thanks, I’m able to connect now !!