'Connect to database' invalid value for key "Encrypt"

Hello guys. Im trying to connect to MS SQL server. When i wrote down the server name, user name and password i cant proceed, because i get tge Invalid value for key Encrypt error. Im 100 procent sure, that the connection authentication is valid, because I tried it in MS SQL server managment studio, and connected. Any tips?


Can you show your connection string how you have it


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Hello @Anil_G,

Im configuring the connection through the connection wizard and it looks like this:

To be honest, I did one connection using OleDb as data provider, but mine SQL analysts says that OleDb is not the best option to use, should be better Odbc, so im trying new connections


Did you test the connection…I dont see a db name being populated and the server name is correct?

Once you save this …you would get the connection string in the properties panel you can show that. If that is ok

And yes odbc is better for connection


The server name is correct. I typed in the db name my self, pressed ok, and the connection string didint even form. I got this as the connection string after pressing ok:

EDIT: When i press test connection, i get the error Invalid value for key “Encrypt”

When I choose data provider ".NET Framework Data provider for OLE DB, the connection is succsesful using the same server name and authentication