Connect Enterprise - download and upload entire Automation Pipeline

We are discovering the trial version of Connect Enterprise tool, nice tool! We have a question, is it possible to download an entire Automation Pipeline that we have created and upload it in another tenant? If this option is unavailable, any chance to have it in the future? This could be a very powerful options to re-use the same process for several customers.
Thanks in advance

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I was advised that you can export, but there is no current option to upload. This is apparently a a popular requested feature that is coming .

The idea is great, but the content of the automation pipeline is very dependent on some variables that can be customized in every tenant (hierarchy, list of applications, customized detailed assessment questions). Hence, there is no 1-click solution.
My recommendation is to use RPA as a technology and build bots for that. We are working on our side to create those (around end of Febr it will be ready).