Confused about manually connecting robots to Orchestrator

I’m trying to manually connect a robot to Orchestrator, but I’m confused. It says to click the UiPath Robot button in the system tray, but I don’t see it. This is what I’m looking at:

Let me know, please. Thank you.

First check if you have the UiPath assistant, app (a more convenient robot tray)
If not, open your UiPath installation path image and double click the robot agent there, it will open you the robot tray,

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Hi @alex.badila

Follow these steps to connect robot.

  1. In windows start, search for uipath robot.
  2. click on the robot icon and run as Admin
  3. Robot tray will appear
  4. In robot tray, Go to settings and enter the URL and Machine key(you can get in orchestrator).
  5. Click on connect.



Hope this helps.

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I can’t find the UiPath Robot on my computer when I search for it.

It is also called UiPath.Agent in the installation path of UiPath

@alex.badila go to your Studio location… usually, for community edition, it will be in Appdata\local\uipath(studio version folder)\ search for agent you can find one.