this is my workflow first read config and other is find unique value but gives an error

errors are

Duplicate : Config - #2 by Gokul001

Hi @Yogita_Gaikwad ,
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Can you please explain me in which workflow does this read range is present,
Also ,Please recheck that you are passing the arguments properly, like the value of configFilePath is been supplied

i have this error in unique workflow

Can you show the Variable and Argument Screenshot of the unique workflow @Yogita_Gaikwad

So does the value of the variable is coming from config file? as a dictionary? then check

  1. The dictionary variable is taken as out from the config workflow and stored in any variable in main workflow
  2. The configFilePath should be an Argument ,not a variable and the value for the same argument should be given in invoke activity of Unique workflow

ReadConfig.xaml (24.6 KB) this is my read config

Unique.xaml (10.5 KB)
this s my other workflow unique
can u explain in detail

Provide the file path in the default value as this way, if config is present in the data folder inside project folder, give as “Data\Config.xlsx” if it is present in some other place give the file path of that file there (148.5 KB)
Hi @Yogita_Gaikwad ,

Hope this would help you.
For the issue in Readrange
Could you assign configFilePath as argument in String format?

And Could you try attached ZIP format and let me know buddy
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Hi @Yogita_Gaikwad Please Check and Let me know if you have any queries