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I’m Having doubt,

Read data from Excel If conditions are met, paste the value into Word.

Please can any one help me with snapshots

Hi @Rohith_Shastri

Can you elaborate you query little bit?

For my understanding

  1. Use Read Range activity → Store it as DtBuild

  2. Use For each Row in DataTable activity

  3. Use If activity → CurrentRow("Column Name").ToString.Contains("Your Input String")

Then → Update the docs
Else → Left it as empty

Check out the reference Image



Thank you for quick response,

Fr your better understand ill give the example like

Marks Data is there in the Excel so If the student marks above 60% that data should be written in the Word documents.

for this can you share me with the snapshots please

CInt(CurrentRow("Column Name").ToString)>60



If the condition met then data should entered in the word document
In your flow I’m not able to find word document flow
directly you’re given the message box to display

Actually what i need if the condition met that data should be entered in the word document

Hi @Rohith_Shastri

Check out these docs and video to update or Insert the data in the Word document


Thank you buddy

Thank You Buddy

Have you issue resolved @Rohith_Shastri , If yes kindly close the topic by mark as solved. It will helps other too.


Hello @Rohith_Shastri

Are you trying to write some table to the Word document?

You can do as below.

Read range and get the data to datatable variable
Use Filter datatable and filter based on condition.
Use Word activities to write to word du=ocument.


Thank yu buddy

I did it

once again thank you for your support

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