Complicated Excel - Read and Create a new Excel

I have a little bit of complicated excel attached.

What I want to do is read all the data from all the sheets and create a new excel with all the rows.

So in the final excel sheet, there will be 22 records.

2 issues here:

  1. Some columns are associated with multiple rows example “Brand”
  2. The Sheet name are always different so sheet name should not be hardcoded.

ExlSheet.xlsx (14.5 KB)


If you don’t want to hard code sheet names then create one workbook variable for Excel Application Scope activity and say it ‘wb’.

Read the sheets like below:

1st Sheet - wb.getSheets(0)
2nd Sheet - wb.getSheets(1) etc…

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Hi @1easy

Check out this sample workflow. This was something I created for someone else for the same scenario. You can check it out.

GetWorkBookSheets.xaml (8.9 KB)

For excel formatting, please refer the below thread

If this works for you, please make sure to mark the answer as the solution so that it could help others who are seeking for the same :slight_smile:

Let know how it goes

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@Lahiru.Fernando How about this Remove Blank Rows, Separate column F separating each model number into its own line

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