Need to append 40 sheets data to only one new excel sheet


I have data in 40 sheets and i need to append and make it to a single sheet(it should be in a new excel)
can someone help me.

Hi @Karthik_Kulkarni

We have an activity “Get Workbook sheets”. This will give you the names of all the sheets in the excel as List. Use for each and inside it use Read range activity to read all the data in the sheet. Store the data in a data table and use “Merge Data table” activity to merge the data.

Once the loop is completed, write the output data table to new sheet/Excel.



As you said i had performed below steps
1)excel application scope
2)assign activity
where sheetname=datatable.getsheets.toarray
3)for each sheet
sheet in sheetname
inside which i took read range followe by merge table

4)finally write range is that correct beacuse am getting error as

Error as object reference not set to instance.

can you check

Hey @Karthik_Kulkarni

I’ll create a template for you.


Hey @Karthik_Kulkarni

Please check the file GetSheetData.xaml (11.5 KB)


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Hi @Devbrath_Rajkhua and everyone,

I have a small issue to above getsheetdata file ,when i am trying to run am getting error as

could you please elp me on this.

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