Comparing two excel sheets and make it into new excel file

hii guys,i have a scenario where i need to compare two excel sheets which contains some data let’s say i have a id=89765 if this same id contains in second excel it has to store that entire row in new excel sheet,in the same way it has to compare all the id’s and the matching id’s values should be stored in a new excel file. thanks in advance

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try if this helps…
but change the condition


@ashley11 thanks for the reply,let me check once and get back to you.

sure if you face any problems then you can send your xlsx files we will sort it out @venkatmalla6

The logic for doing this is as follows

Use Lookup Datatable activity after reading both Datatbles (similar to excel vlookup)
next based on if out value is found you add that row to a new data table

This is the fastest method without code

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@venkatmalla6 your expected out put matched the out put of the program ?

hi @venkatmalla6

I think linQ will be the better option in your case,
I’ll suggest you to use .Any method of linQ.
I’m attaching my sample workflow here, for your understainding. (19.0 KB)
1 2 Result: 3

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@samir @ashley11 @neonova thanks guys it worked, thanks for your time.

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Great @venkatmalla6, please mark an appropriate solution so that others can benefit in future

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