Comparing two excel and update

i have two excels which i want to compare three columns
1.excel1 has three columns(name,place,address)
2.excell2 has multiple columns(name1,place1,address1)
3.i want to compare excel1 with excel2 when excel1 has meet some criteria (criteria:address should be “valid”
4.Now if adress contains “valid” we should compare excel1 with excel2 so tht both excel contains same value
5. now if there are two rows retrieved we sould go to the excel1 and update the address as “failed” and if 1 row retrieved update it as “passed”

i have finished till retrieving the records and getting the count of rows but after that im unable to use the first excel i cant update that particualar column

note : i have used read range for excels continued by for each row and a filterdatatable for retrieving the datatable now im struck with next part… any help will be greatful (19.8 KB)
i hve attached the files

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hi experts @supermanPunch @hacky anyone ?

@Jebarohith19 Can you send us the Expected Output Excel, i.e in which Format you need the output as well ?

i have solved till count of rows
now i have to update the first excel1 with fail message in address column( for this im doing two for each rows and using assign like row(“address”)=“fail”)

Sequence.xaml (22.7 KB)

at the end there is an assignn activity

excel1 is the expected output excel @supermanPunch

@Palaniyappan @lakshman can anyone give me solution please?

@Jebarohith19 I have looked into the Excel Files, but i think it’s still insufficient Data :sweat_smile:, In your first post 5th point says that if there are two rows retrieved, Go back to the Excel1 and Update the Address. But there was no address Column Updated in Excel1.

Can you Send the Two Input Files with sufficient Data to match all the conditions you have mentoned and provide the Expected Output File in the way you need it.

It will be quick, and much helpful to Solve the Problem

that is also a problem faced by me if it is a single row it is updating fine but if there are two rows with “valid” in address it is taking the lastrow only and updating the last row with “pass”

@Jebarohith19 No, I meant Can you manually do it and send Sample Input Files and the Expected Output File with Sufficient Data :sweat_smile:

excel1.xlsx (8.7 KB)

@Jebarohith19 Isn’t there another Excel Input File? Based on the Input that you have provided, we have to just address Column to pass if it is pass if it is Valid and fail if it is invalid, Is that what you want to do?

yeah that is what im expecting i
now i hvae changed something takea lookexcel1.xlsx (8.7 KB) excel2.xlsx (8.6 KB)