Comparing the values

Hello everyone

I am comparing the values of an Excel called test1 and another called test2
The problem is that the values are in currency format and when I make the comparison it is always true.

I did the test by changing the format of the table to numbers and if it validates when the values are the same or different, there is some way to change the format of the currency without affecting Excel
This is the condition that I am assigning

BaseCredibanco.AsEnumerable().Any(Function(x) x(“Valor”).ToString=row.item(“Valor”).ToString)

Thanks for your help

Could you show a image or Workflow to understand the problem?
I think you could Make a Copy of your Datatables, Clean data in your copy and make your comparisions without touch format in Original Datatable

Hello, thank you very much for your response in the first image is the flow the idea is that when the values are not equal go to false but for the format of the cells always come true so the values are different


Check this:
SALES.xlsx contains $ 240.000 and 360.000

I compare TargetValue against each row in SALES.xlsx (With no format changes)
(Just like a good practice, use Double to handle Currency / Financial Amounts )


Excuse me but how do I compare it with the values of another excel since the problem I have is when I call the column of the second file with which I am comparing the values

Check this screenshot
Change is: Inside Loop, extract the TargetValue from other Datatable (DT2) at specific column

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