Number in different format

I have a data in german format in excel.
Column A Column B Column C
1.234,67 1.234,67 0,00

I want to put condition:-
If Column C <>0,00 then true else false.

My question is how to convert this values in german format and how to give condition for 0,00?

Hi ,

It should work with If coulmn C <> 0 , there shouldnt be any issue . was there any issue?

My format is different it is in german format so it should be 0,00.


0,00 is still 0.

For example , in your excel , if you have applied with German separators , it will still be treated as 0.

so , in your code , you can simply cehck if ColumnC <> 0 , it should work . can you try ?


you can set the excel format as german

Hello @Ak_4
Refer to this thread you may Get some Idea

No, u are getting wrong format. Try the different values where u can get the difference of 0,61.

Thank u for help.

How we can set the condition?

Check this Xaml File
ConvertDoubleGerman.xaml (6.5 KB)

Hi @Ak_4

A simple walk-around I can think of, is to treat your inputs as string while processing comparison, like dtExcel(row)(column C).tostring.Equals(“0,00”) and use NOT function if required. this should simplify the processing.

karan zaveri

Please can u send me the image of this. I unable to download it in my system.

Referto this Image.

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