Comparing excel contents

I got two excel files named ‘appointmentlistnew.xlsx’ and ‘successfulclients.xlsx’. Here, I need to compare contents of “appointmentlistnew.xlsx” with next file contents and filter out the clients from the “appointmentlistnew.xlsx” file that are not in the next excel file on the basis of TFN value. CaAppointmentlistnew.xlsx (8.0 KB)
n anyone help me with the workflow please. Thanks

successfulclients.xlsx (8.6 KB)

I don’t understand why you created this post. You have already got a fix for the similar issue you posted. You just need to change the input file names and column names. Comparing one column contents of two excel file - #9 by suwalruchan365

I tried. But it’s always showing that the number of matching value found is 2 though there is only 1 client with similar TFN value. And when I try with files with clients with no matching value of TFN, it displays an error message saying ’ The source contains no DataRows’.

@suwalruchan365 in Appointmentlistnew.xlsx u have duplicate rows with same details, u can check it.