Comparing 2 values in two separate columns of 2 separate DataTables


I am trying to write a command of link or vb (invoke code activity) to compare one specific column in 2 separate data datables.

If the values match then need to update the value in specific cell in that particular datarow Please find the image below:

if value in the Cell A2 in Test1DT**(Left Side excel DT)** matches with value in “I4” then it needs to update the cell A4 with the same value in the Test2DT**(Right Side excel DT)**. Same for Maharashtra value in the next row.

I am trying to perform above operation with datatable.

Since there are 50K to 1 Lakh row, cant use for each row activity, since it is too slow.

Thanks & Regards

Hi Aryan,

I must say I do not understand exactly the logic of what is it you are trying to find, but if doing this in “for each row” is too slow, I would suggest Lookup Data Table, or possibly Join Data Tables.