2 Data Table Comparison cell by cell

I have 2 DataTables

DT1----yesterday Data which will be placed into a shared path.
DT2----Live Data From DataBase.

Everyday, I need to compare DT1 with DT2, I have a primary Key coluum in both.
if any changes in any cell with in DT1 with DT2, I need to replace the updated value as per DT2.

Even I need to get the updated rows info and need to send an email.

I guess it is possible through invoke VB.Net code, I tried my self did not get the proper result.

Looking for the better sollution, Please send if u alredy built or similar logics in your projects.


First of all welcome, as for your problem pleaser refer to this post Comparing two data tables you may find what your are looking for.



1.Create two data table variables DT1 and DT2.
2.Use for each row pass DT1 and then use another for each row activity pass DT2.
3.Use If condition compare row(“DT1ColumnName”).contais(row(“DT2ColumnName”)).

Kommi Jeevan.