Compare two numbers from website

hello everyone sorry for my bad english but i m newbie in automation and code .I had winautomation but i didn t found what i am looking for .
So i want to buy token from crypto platform but the price change every second and i need to compare it with my target price .
For example i want to buy the token at 1 usd ,then the "task"will compare if the current price is less or equal so if it is then it place the order by clicking on the buy button befor price change.

i hope you will help me thanks in advance

Hi @boursikoteur,

With only a few UiPath activities, the automation described above could be created

I believe a good start for you is taking a look over these two topics:

Also, do not forget to check the training courses


Best regards,

Hi @Marius_Puscasu thank you very much for your help i take a look now