How to sum elements from two DTs and export them to the new XLS file?

Hello guys,
sorry for bothering you with noob questions, but I’m trying to make the exercise in uipath and cannot make it for a week already.
It’s so different from Java or other languages, I just can’t get through…
What I’m trying to do:

Compare two files with accounting data and find accounts with
mismatched volumes
a. Automation should read CSV file
b. Automation should read Excel file
c. Automation should compare account balance (by matching account numbers from both sources
and sum the amounts per account), and in case it doesn’t match (balance does not equal 0) – put
such accounts with unmatched balance on the new Sheet in the Excel file.

I’m angry that I cannot understand the logic, please help me) And I cannot attach my project(


  1. Read CSV and EXCEL files.
  2. Take for each loop for CSV file datatable
  3. Get the balance from CSV file.
  4. Get the balance for that account number from Excel file.
  5. Compare both the values using IF loop
  6. IF you find difference add that row data to new datatable otherwise continue the loop.
  7. After for each loop completion, write the datatable to required excel sheet.