Compare Range?

@gustavo.cervelin From previous forum If I want edit file config as below.

If in column APPLAN found value in column Campaign -----> Look rate in column Special Rate & Special Rate2

But If value in column APPLAN not found in column Campaign -----> Look rate in column Other Rate & Column Other Rate2.

Please guide me about it.
ConfigRate_Bag (2).xlsx (20.9 KB)

Input (9).xlsx (452.5 KB)
Main.xaml (42.4 KB

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Try with linq query it will be easy to compare

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@varunk How to edit this flow?

Main.xaml (42.4 KB)

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Hi @fairymemay,

Please, take a look at the attached file.

Note: You can delete that column “Summary Column”. It’s not necessary.

Main.xaml (43.6 KB)

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