Compare Excel Data and Write in Second Excel

I have one excel sheet(1st) which is having lots of data, that data I have appended in another(2nd) excel sheet.
I have a third excel sheet in which data related to the 2nd excel sheet are there, from the 2nd excel sheet I have taken the particular column value and compared it in the 3rd excel sheet. After comparing condition is true but not writing in the 2nd excel sheet to the particular column. Please, someone, help me it’s very urgent.

- 1st Excel Sheet.

- 2nd Excel Sheet (Appended Data Sheet)

- 3rd Sheet

(30-12-2019).zip (229.5 KB)


You have share all the xaml files available with you i believe, because i find more xaml files than any excel sheet, please check and send me for which files are you facing issue


Reading Weekly Report xaml file. In that i develop the code


Good Afternoon, Everyone, I want to create a weekly status report from the above screenshot data, as you can also use excel sheet write 1st excel data and compare with 1st excel sheet and append excel sheet.


Good Evening Every One
First of all, I am reading the 1st Excel Sheet and appending whole data into the 2nd Excel Sheet as i have shown in the above screenshot.
From the second screenshot, i am taking Job No: J-DRCCOW001-0000012 and searching in 3rd Excel Sheet, if Job No. matches then bot should fetch StartTime, End Time, and Status from the excel. After fetching these three values, the bot should write these three values in Appended Sheet to that particular Job No position were every it may be.