Two excel data compare and write the field which matched/unmatched

Hi, I am comparing the data of two excels sheet from the two different folder.
Scenario:- I have two different folder where I have 10 files in the folder1 and same files I have in the folder2.

I already did the comparision part and written the status in another excel if Match or Not Match against the CustName.
Here is the screenshot.

Now I want to write in the same excel which column data is not matched?

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Pardon me, can you clarify this?
Are you wanting the data which has not matched in the status column ?

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Bro yes, If you see I want like this output.
yellow color headers are those which I basically compare the data from the two excel.
I want to write which is match and which is not matched.
I want like this output.

I want like this output.

If you see bro, In the status is Showing Match when all fields are matched. If none of the field match the Status will be Not Matched

Hope you understand it bro :slight_smile:


use if condition ,the else part will do so.

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could you please explain it more bro.

please correct me if iam wrong,you were using loop and if condition to check wheather it is matching?

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Yes, but if you see bro. I put AND in the operator to check if all columns are matched then update the status Match/Not Matched.

Not if you see I added all fields which I am comparing the data now I want to write the status below if Match/Not Match

Above I attached the screenshot.

can you share you xml?

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sure bro.

image you can make default value as unmatched. try with this .:slightly_smiling_face:

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I shared you the excel file bro please find.

the steps you need to follow: range activity to read the excel
2.for each row
3.if condition (to check wheather it is matched or not)
please try with these steps ,you will get a solution.

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I didn’t use Build Data Table here

Main.xaml (23.5 KB)
there is an doubt in this an excel if we give sbi share,tatasteel share…it scrapes and write into excel successfully but other than share if we give anyother value in excel for search means in throws an error.without any error i need this flow to run successfully.
anybody has solution

share.xlsx (8.1 KB)

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any one has any solution