Compare datatable and remove data

Hi Team,

Excel Name “Master.xlsx” having User Name list i.e. A,B,C
Another excel Name “Data.xlsx” having data of various users like A,B,C,D,E,F.
Now I have to take each user from Master.Xlsx and check them in Data.xlsx. if user exist in Data.xlsx then delete these rows from Data.xlsx… Please help

Like this: (14,5 Ko)

Not able to open the flow…Can u please share again? it is showing missing or invalid activity error. I am using uipath 2019.10 version…

Make sure you’re unzipping the contents: (14,5 Ko) . Also, make sure you have the dependencies installed that are listed in the project.json file.

If this doesn’t work, follows these steps:

1.) Read each dataset using 2 different Read Range activities.
2.) Create a For Each Row loop on the data from Master.
3.) Use Filter Datatable to remove row("Users").ToString from the table from Data.xlsx

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it is not working. Ideally it should remove the row and update the sheet. I have tried…see my workflow…Please (14.7 KB)

I am sure that you will sort it out with @Anthony_Humphries and get it work.
For an alternate /variation find a starter help here:
Find_Common_NonCommon_By1Col.xaml (12.3 KB)

Save it into your uipath project and debug it for inspection

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@Shirish, your workflow looks like it should work. If there are spaces in one of the fields for the username, this can cause the match not to be found. Can you check if this is what’s happening?

Thanks it is working