Delete the full row using condition

compair the master file and input file.
if same data are present in input file of ‘ALT_ID’ column, then delete the full rows.

in excel file there is 2 sheet
in one sheet there is one colume name =id
in second sheet there is same colume =id
but in 2 sheet there is some id
i have to do in excel file sheet 1 is delete the full row using second sheet id

Hi @purnima_mandan

Follow these steps

  1. Read the master sheet data in to datatable dt
  2. Dt.AsEnumerable().Select(function(x) x(“id”).Tostring).ToArray.distinct().ToArray in to array variable(arr) will give you all the distinct id values from master id
    3 now use for eqch row in excel and loop through the input file and use insert/delete rows activity to delete the row inside a if condition arr.contains(currentrow id value from for each row)

This is if you want to do it only on excel

Else read both to datatables and then loop on the unique id’s and use filter datatable to get the rows not matching


first i have to use read range workbook activity
after that i give sheet name as First sheet name value
after which activity i have to use


For second step assign
For third for each data row

Book.xlsx (9.6 KB)

this is my excel file

compair the sheet and file1 in excel file.
if same data are present in input file of ‘Customer_ID’ column, then delete the full rows

can you do this program please in your studio


PFA a sample.

I followed the same steps as above . Only one change is used for each instead of for each excel row . Rest all is same

filter.xaml (15.0 KB)


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