Compare columns and grab next cell

I have two excel files, that needs to be compared to see if the value in dt1 exists in dt2, and if it does grab the cell to the left of said cell and use that value to do a google search.
I am trying to grasp how to compare two excel files and so on but it all feels so project dependent (from a newbies perspective).
Appreciate all the help!

These are the excel files used for the automation. Search DT2 using DT1 to find each respective name.

DT1.xlsx (9.8 KB) DT2.xlsx (490.4 KB)

Hi @Robert_Wennberg,

You can use LookUp DataTable activity in for each row.

Hi @samir

Thank you for the fast reponse. I will read that post and see if it contains anything to solve my issue!
Thank you for your help

Hey @samir

I tried your reccomendation of using Lookup Datatable. It looks promising in terms of what I want to do but I get hit with an error. I am not sure I am setting everything up correctly…

  1. Check if value from PLDT exists in PDDT
  2. If it exists, get cell value from the column on the left of the existing value
  3. Type into a search box

Now the error is saying “Lookup Data Table: DoubleConverter cannot convert from (null).” instead. Where am I missing out on the data extraction…?