Compare row from one excel to another excel


I have 2 excels .

First excel have 2 columns with GSTNo and invoiceNo.
Second Excel have 2 columns GSTNo and invoiceNo.

Now i want to pick GSTNo from first excel and have to search in excel 2,if GSTNo matches i want to read the corresponding invoiceNo from excel 2 and update in excel1 as record macth.

my idea is

i stored my excel1 to one datatable as -DT1, and second excel2 to - DT2

i taken for each loop activity for both DT1 and DT2(two for loop one below another),and i am checking if gst is present in DT2 are not.

is this correct method to whatever i am doing ?

kindly help on it.



yes buddy that would work… @rag
But i would like suggest one more option we have like lookup datatable activity, kindly find the below steps that be would be a add on and you can make use of it you want buddy

  1. store them in DT1 and DT2 as you did earlier
  2. Use a for each row loop with DT1 as input
  3. use a look up datatable activity with these properties (14.0 KB)

Thats all buddy few steps isn’t it…
Cheers… @rag

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Thank you palaniyappan, i will try this.

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its working thank you palaniyappan

Cheers @rag
Keep going buddy

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