Compaire two datatable

Hi, need some help.
I have two datatable



I need two compare these two-table based on ref no and check no and output should be like these.

Hi @Pranali_Kadam

Use Join Data Table activity

Use Join datatable activity

you can try this with join Type as Full

Hi @Pranali_Kadam ,
You can join data table
at wizard check amount in dt1 = dt2

Thanks for your replay.
I have already tried with Join but not getting expected output as the output I am expecting is-1) ref not matching 2) if ref matches then check for amount if amounts are same not then add those two rows with note in another dt.
Is there any other way?

can you once check

its working with Join Datatable


if not let me know

the expected output is to produce / to examine after joining the data tables using the join data table result

Reference Num = Null, Data not present in dt1
Check No = Null, Data not present in dt2