Como convertir multiples extensiones a PDF (Pido Ayuda)

@IOrlando - I have developed a workflow using UiAutomation which takes .docx, .xlsx, .msg , .ppt and .html files to PDF


Idea is simple…whatever the keystrokes you use to print these files manually or the steps you follow , which I have captured and used it…

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using 2020.10.6

For the 1st link sent the compatibility is Studio 2018.1.3, but looks like the package was updated yesterday so I don’t know if it will work. So you should try it with random data to see if it works with a 2020.10.6.
For the 2nd link it is compatible with 2020.10.6

Hello good friend, could you explain your idea a little better? I want to understand it.

@IOrlando - Sure my friend…Please take a look at the sample which converts the .msg files to pdf… (225.6 KB)

Drop few .msg files in the Files Folder…and run this workflow(You have adjust the filepath) and see if it works for you.

Note: I have used modern design experience in this workflow…ex: instead of sendhotkeys i have used Keyboardshortcuts…

Do you require any additional charges? since our client does not want to incur additional expenses.

@IOrlando - There is no additional expenses …because it’s all using in built packages … Please take a look at the video sample…

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it’s too advanced for me to replicate it :frowning:

hi, I am placing the path “D: \ jpg” this is the folder where the jpg file that I want to convert to pdf is located and the error appears.

ImagesToPDFConverter: the format of the given path is not supported

Hi, try to remove spaces in your path

Hi, I’m not using spaces in the path, do you think it could be something else?

Its just UiAutomation which follows all the steps which we do…

Please share the screenshot by showing the property of the activity?

Hum I tried ImagesToPDFConverter in another location and it works, try to put the folder at another place, maybe the activity can’t work at the roots

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put the paths in a variable, the .jpg path and the path where I want to save the .pdf and that way it works, thank you very much.

I am using the base of your development to add the activities that make me change the extension. for now I can do it for word, with an activity, for GIF file
PNG file
JPG / JPEG file
BMP file
TIF file
with another activity

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One last query, how can I name the file that I am going to save in .PDF

@IOrlando … say if you are reading fileA.jpg and converting to pdf. Then you can use “path.getfilenamewithoutextension(filefolderpath)”+.pdf…which will give you fileA.pdf

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Hello, I would like to know if I can change the name of the file with the activity you recommended to convert image to .pdf @Hiba_B

Hi !
I don’t think that it is possible inside the activity ImagesToPDFConverter, but just after using the activity ImagesToPDFConverter you could use a Move file to rename (the output of the activity ImagesToPDFConverter gives you the name of the file)
So something like:

  • from: folder_path_of_pdf + filename (+“.pdf” if the extension is not given)
  • to: folder_path_of_pdf + “newnameoffile” + “.pdf”
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