Export Word to PDF

Hello All,

I have list of word files in a folder and I want to convert each file into PDF format.
The issue is I dont have to use word application scope and just the word document activities therefore the export to PDF activity does not work

Is there a way to export to PDF without using word application scope?


@yogendra.kulkarni ,

There is a package wordtopdf, try to use that.

Hi yogendra.kulakarni,

please find the below link

11th comment - with the assign activities we can achieve. No need to use word application scope i believe. please check it might be useful for your problem. Thanks.


Refer this link – Export to PDF without using word application scope

Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1 ,

Thanks for your rely.
I checked the link but in that they are using ExportToPDF activity and this activity only works in word application scope.

This wont work for me as there is no word installed in our systems.

Hi Yogendra,

Just sharing my thoughts.

if we cannot use word in your systems. is it possible you can upload the word document to google drive and convert that into google document so that we can easily convert i guess. if possible please think about this solution.


Yes I can upload the files in google drive and download it also it is working.
The only problem is when I download it it is downloading as word document only.
But i want it in pdf format

ok good to know that you are able to download it right try download as(option) PDF while downloading itself so that we would get word docs as PDF.


@yogendra.kulkarni - I have a workflow developed using UiAutomation which does not use Word Application scope…please have a look…

Also take a look at this video…

Does this require to open word?

You mean word app scope ? or word file? If word file, then yes, it open the word and then save as PDF…but it does not use any word activities…you can look at the screenshot again…
It just uses start process(which opens the word file) and rest of all UiAutomation…

yes but actually in our production we do not have microsoft office installed thats why this will not work for me

@yogendra.kulkarni - I read your query again, nowhere you mentioned this??? You just told you don’t want to use the word app scope right??

am i missing the requirement here??

Yes Actually I cannot use any activity that needs to open microsoft applications sorry.