Community Contributor of the Month

We also want to proudly mention our contributors from June, July, August and September.

Priya Darshini - Senior Technical Consultant @ Machina, 2021 UiPath Community MVP and events speaker - @PD2

Hiba Beldi - Chapter Leader for Paris Chapter - @Hiba_B

Shubham Varshney - Senior RPA Consultant at Xebia, UiPath Forum contributor, added 5 use cases in the fields of HR, Finance, Operations and Compliance - @Shubham_Varshney

This month we celebrated more than one member and we acknowledged team effort and dedication . :tada:

After wrapping up the RPA Summer School that brought together more than 2000 attendees starting as citizen developers, we want to congratulate the 5 :star: team behind it:
Afe Araromi - Senior Analyst @dipoleDIAMOND - @afe.araromi
Hanh Nguyen - Senior Consultant @Machina Automation - @vgbot
Nicolas Erlichman - Senior Software Developer @BASF - @nerlichman
Nidhi Chaturvedi - Senior RPA Specialist @Citrix - @Nidhi_Chaturvedi