About the Newsletter category

:sparkles: UiPath Community Newsletter Bits and Bots is another community initiative to nurture our audience. The main objectives are to bring together in the UiPath Community news from the automation space, product releases, articles about artificial intelligence and machine learning, community programs, and initiatives in the automation for good area. With a bimonthly frequency, the community newsletter is a shared space where each community member can leverage content in different formats.

:bulb: We have created a dedicated page for the published numbers. You can easily find it on the community website , in the resources category . Since 2021, we’ve gathered 51 numbers, and we’ll continue to stream. In the newsletter satisfaction survey, we’ve found that up to 85% are satisfied and that it effectively provides information important to the overall automation needs. As per your feedback, we’ll make sure to share more of the new features releases and the latest updates product-wise. At any moment, we’re open to hearing your feedback and suggestions to improve your experience.

:two_hearts: Once per month we offer the “Extraordinary Community Contributor” badge in Forum and a mention in the newsletter to those community members that have made an outstanding contribution. You can check out here who published use cases and blogs, were speakers in different community programs, published marketplace components, opened new chapters regionally, and generated automation for good projects.

:rocket: If you have an RPA solution or automation, use cases streamed in a video, a podcast, articles, or any other content that you think is suitable for our tech audience, feel free to reach out directly to oana.chicioroaga@uipath.com.

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