Command Prompt not running on remote machine

I have a local machine (Studio 2022.4.2 installed) and a remote one, connected via RDP.

I cannot run CMD commands on the remote machine, all the time is opened on my local machine.

my code it’s running inside of OpenApp activity, RDP works well.


Do you use Send Hotkey for this ?

If yes, make sure you pass the window selector of RDP !

If the script is always constant you can just create a bat script shortcut on the desktop and run


Show us how you’re trying to open the command prompt (ie cmd.exe)

Tested: 2 users on a remote machine.
The workflow bellow is working on user 1 (standard user) but not at all on user 2 (admin) - so some pc configuration, same exe path, Runtime installed. The strange thing is that when I’m connnecting to the user 2 (admin account), I cannot create any Activity… screen it’s orange looking like when Runtime is not installed / activated.

Errors got from user 2:

Open PMS app: Could not open target application.
Could not find the user-interface (UI) element for this action.

Possible solutions:
 •  Ensure application is opened and the UI element is visible on the screen at execution time
 •  Edit the Target of the UI activity and use Validation to debug the issue. 
 •  If needed, re-indicate the element as its properties might have changed
 •  Use "Check state" activity to check the application state before executing the action
 •  Increase the "Delay before" value to allow time to the application to render entirely and become responsive

Today I was following this procedure in order to activate Remote Debugger. Maybe it cause some troubles with Runtime…


UiPath Runtime cause that trouble on the Remote Machine, after I was configured Remote Debugging in Studio (following official procedure - reported that bug meanwhile). Uninstall, reinstall - fix the issue.

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