Comma Delimiter Not working properly

Hi folks,
I have a csv file with data ( CID,“City”,“Date”,“Day”,“DealerAgentId”, ) and i want to divide it into different columns using delimiter as comma.

When i did in excel it was working fine. but when i did with read csv and in property its not working as expected.
Can someone help me on this. I will upload the input csv file and also final output how i wanted.

Input and output csv : input and output (791.1 KB)

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Hi @sachinns - It is working fine for me. Your excel is activated if not please activate it.
Try to close all the instances of excel then try again.

Hope it will help you.


My excel is activated . Can u please share the workflow in which you tested my csv file. ?

Hi @sachinns - I tweak the code a bit to get the input file in correct format. After the new input file you can use it in your own way. (804.7 KB)