Combining values from "LocalDatatableList" based on first value (from user input)

How to search and combine to “Value 01” from a datatable so that the “Value 01” dictates the selected cell from “LocalDatatableList”;

I have a company list (for the “Value01”) that is updated in some way. This company list could be like:

I would like to pick from an another datatable a cell content based on that Company list. Like:
I have a CompanyB, I want to pick up from another datatable, lets say “LocalDatatableList” information (cell content) that is related to CompanyB.

in that “LocalDatatableList” is listed companies and their addresses in a datatable:
ColumnName: "CompanyName, Street, City, Country
Row: “CompanyB”, “Mainstreet 1”, “Gotham”, “USA”

End result should be like “CompanyB” + “Street” + “City” where “CompanyB” is from user input and “Street” + “City” content are from this “LocalDatatableList”.

I have come up with only a very clumsy solutions. Can anyone point out how I could approach this matter in a simple manner?

Thanks for advance.

Try using “Join” activity. It’s really similiar to SQL Join and will let you combine two tables using specified column values as a key.