Adding two datatable value

Breach_wise.xlsx (32.2 KB)
Cancellation_wise.xlsx (34.5 KB)
I have two excel that both have the identical first column(SF_Name). I’d like to see if they have the same value, and if not, I’d like to append it in excel UiPath below I have attach a ss of inputs and also attach input file.

First Input Excel

Second input Excel

and I want out like this

Note: If any unique name found which is not in another table add them with respectively their column value.


Looks like you need a join…please use join datatable…either inner or full as you need

Then if any column is not needed can remove using filter datatable


Yes Join datatable activity is what needed here
use full join of dt_First and dt_Second on “Sl_Name”=“Sl_Name”

you will get two “Sl_Name” columns in output (one with “_1”) use these two columns to determine which data is coming from which table
As at the end you want one “Sl_Name” column , i would suggest that you use a linq filter to search rows where “Sl_Name_1” is empty and update value of “Sl_Name” with “Sl_Name_1” in these rows
and finally delete the “Sl_Name_1” column