How to choose a value from datatable link to a key


I hope you can help me out please.
I have a Datatable with 3 columns (the first one is the name of the society taking from another Excel datatable ; the second will find the name used in the App Coala and if there is no name ; the third column provides it), like following

I need the find the good name of the Society. Which means that from a list created previously, I take the first society name and I have to check if in the datatable, i found the NAme_Coala, if empty, I take the name from the third column.

Can anyone help me ? I have tryied with a lookup activity but it was too long and i don’t think that it is the right way to do so.
If i was’nt clear, please let me know.

@ppr maybe you will be able to help me.

Thank you in advance



some minor details are unclear. So far we have understood:

dt1: ?
expected output?

Society Name_Coala name_Manual
sky SKY
abcd ABC

In general we can work with the join datatable using a left join.

Find some introduction to it here:

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ah yes sorry.
dt1 is the Datatable from the first Excel where I took the list of the Societies.
Then I read the Dt2 (dt with the 3 columns) in there, i try to collect the right name of the society) and I need to write this right name into the dt1, where i have added a new column for this.
For example, in my list of societies (taking from an excel file), I have the Amazone Compagny. But in my Coala application, where i need to find the Amazone compagny, it can happen that in the database of this app, it will be written SARL Amazone (so not exactly the same naming).
That is why I need, first, to collect the right name (from this datatable 2, with the 3 columns).

Hope it is more clear now ?

Thanks again !

should be solveable with join data table. Give a try on it or:

provide us sample data as mentioned:
described output

and we will guide you

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I will try with the join data table and I will let you know if it is ok.
Thank you !

Join type is Left join
the missing IDs can be detected if one of the Join columns from left Datatable is empty

I tryed but it is not working, so I maybe i wasn’t clear enough or i did’nt use the activity corretly.
SO i will provide so sample of my files.

I have list from an excel file that I convert into a dt and i have to keep only " columns: “sociétés”, “montant” and “commentaire”
SINOUHE - DOM 2020-2021 - Copie.xlsx (68.9 KB)

Then I have another file (dt2), Where i have put all the societies and make a references table. Which means that I have collected the right name (using in the Coala App). So from the list (of the dt1), i have to take the first society, looking into the dt2, on the “Correspondance” sheet, the name used in Coala App, either on the column “Synthèse Dossier Coala” or (if empty) “Nom du dossier Manuel”.
Domiciliation_vs_Coala - Copie.xlsx (120.9 KB)
And then, to write the goo name into the DT1 (where i will add a new column, named Name_Coala, for instance)

I hope this time i was clear (sorry for my english too)

Thank you



ok, the excel helped much. I will later have a look on it.

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Find starter help in the form of aquick prototype showcasing the building blocks:
Demo_LFJ-1Col_Lk2ColAlternates.xaml (12.4 KB)

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Thank you very much, it is PERFECT !!!

Thank you for your time @ppr

Have a good day,



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